2020 FAQs



Stadium Capacity

In compliance with CDC and state public health guidance, seating in Bryant-Denny Stadium for the 2020 Alabama football season will be social-distanced resulting in approximately 20% seating capacity.


Mobile Ticketing

Map showing the Customer Service Tents in the lot at the Northwest corner of Bryant-Denny Stadium and at the corner of Paul W. Bryant Drive and 10th Avenue opposite the stadiumCustomer Service Tents, shown here by the red and yellow boxes, will be located on the North and South side of Bryant-Denny Stadium

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Alabama Athletics TIDE PRIDE/Ticket Office announced mobile-only ticketing and parking, enabling contactless entry into all venues beginning with the 2020 football season. The shift to mobile-only ticketing provides a safer environment for fans, as well as guards against the production of fraudulent tickets.

Ticket purchasers will receive their tickets via email, allowing for download to Apple Wallet (iPhone) or Google Pay Wallet (Android). Just prior to reaching the gates, fans will simply open their digital wallet, select their game tickets, and hold their smartphone near the scanner.

Also note, Print-at-Home tickets (PDF copies) will no longer be available as we focus on contactless entry into the stadium. Likewise, mobile tickets are only valid when presented on a smartphone. Printed copies of QR codes will not be accepted. In the event that you do not have a smartphone, please contact the Alabama Athletics TIDE PRIDE/Ticket Office in advance of game day for options.

Should fans require assistance on game day, Customer Service Tents (marked by the red and yellow boxes on the adjacent map) will be set up at the North and South ends of the stadium for any ticket-related questions.


Ticket Transfer

Ticketholders may transfer their tickets to a friend in the event they are unable to attend. Ticketholders (excluding UA faculty/staff and students) still have the ability to post their tickets on StubHub, the official fan-to-fan marketplace of Alabama Athletics.


Mobile Parking

To reduce the number of touchpoints, all parking passes for the 2020 season will be mobile. Parking passes will be delivered electronically via mobile delivery. Customers will receive an email from the Alabama Athletics TIDE PRIDE/Ticket Office, which will include a link to download their parking pass to their digital wallet. On game day, customers will present their smartphone to be scanned upon entry to the parking lot.



In accordance with CDC, state and local guidelines relating to social distancing and large gatherings, tailgating will not be permitted on The University of Alabama campus for the 2020 football season.


Personal Protective Equipment

The following safety measures will be taken as it relates to personal protective equipment:

  • All spectators and working staff will be required to present a CLEARED GuideSafe™ Event Passport before entering the stadium
  • All working staff will be required to wear a face covering and/or a face shield
  • Ticket scanners will stand behind Plexiglass shields
  • All spectators are required to wear a face covering upon entering the stadium; if they do not have a face covering, they will be provided with a disposable mask.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be available at each entry gate and throughout the stadium
  • All concession stands will be open, with every other register operational and fitted with a Plexiglass screen
  • Buffet service in premium areas will shift to served stations
  • Social distancing will be maintained throughout the facility to the fullest extent possible, including limiting field access in accordance with SEC and NCAA recommendations



All fans will need to complete the "Event Passport" by GuideSafe and receive a green clear check before entering Bryant-Denny StadiumAll fans will need to complete the GuideSafe™ Event Passport and receive a green clear check before entering Bryant-Denny Stadium

Each ticketholder will be asked to complete the GuideSafe™ Event Passport in advance of their arrival at Bryant-Denny Stadium. As a HIPAA compliant platform, GuideSafe™ Healthcheck protects your privacy. It does not in any way track you as a person. It is a tool for you to report COVID-19 symptoms and any exposure. It does not track your specific location.

  • Fans will be directed to a single Healthcheck game day web link for their game day passport
  • Fans can secure their passport up to 48 hours before game time
  • Visiting the Healthcheck game day passport page will ask for:
    • Email
    • Cell number
    • Temperature
    • Symptoms
    • Exposure
  • Based on risk stratification, the passport will be immediately displayed – including the specific game name, date and other details
  • The link to the passport will also be email and texted much like a boarding pass that can then be shown at the gate

Any ticketholder who does not complete the GuideSafe™ Event Passport in advance of their arrival at the stadium will be able to complete the GuideSafe™ Event Passport questionnaire at one of two Customer Service Tents at the North and South ends of the stadium (see red and yellow boxes on map above for locations).


Stadium Entry

Upon arriving at the security area, fans will be queued in a line for the metal detectors. Markers will be placed at six-foot intervals to help maintain social distancing, and signage will be displayed to encourage fans to social distance. While in line, and before passing through metal detectors, spectators will be asked to show a green GuideSafe™ Event Passport screen with their unique identifier number to a staff member. A red screen will cause a patron to be denied entrance.


Gate Number Changes

All gates have been renumbered at Bryant-Denny Stadium, so fans are encouraged to check your ticket for the appropriate gate number before arriving at the security area.

Lower Level

Sections Sections Gate(s)
A to G, S-8 A, B, C, D, E, F, G, S-8 Gates 21-24
H to N H, J, K, L, M, N Gates 14-17
N-1 to N-4 N-1, N-2, N-3, N-4 Gate 6
N-5 to N-8 N-5, N-6, N-7, N-8 Gate 58
EE to HH EE, FF, GG, HH Gates 47-49
JJ to NN JJ, KK, LL, MM, NN Gates 51-53


Upper Level

Sections Sections Gate(s)
NN-1 to NN-7 NN-1, NN-2, NN-3, NN-4, NN-5, NN-6, NN-7 Gate 3 or 7
NN-8 to NN-14 NN-8, NN-9, NN-10, NN-11, NN-12, NN-13, NN-14 Gate 59 or 62
SS-1 to SS-7 SS-1, SS-2, SS-3, SS-4, SS-5, SS-6, SS-7 Gate 36 or 38
SS-8 to SS-14 SS-8, SS-9, SS-10, SS-11, SS-12, SS-13, SS-14 Gate 30 or 32
U3 A to R U3 + A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R Gate 7 or 30
U4 AA to RR U4 + AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF, GG, HH, JJ, KK, LL, MM, NN, PP, QQ, RR Gate 38 or 59
ADA-E ADA-E Gates 42 or 56


Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Hand sanitizer stations with Plexiglass will be located at all gates

Hand sanitizer dispensers will be installed throughout the facility, including one at each gate.



Per the most recent health department recommendations, a limited menu of prepackaged food will be available for sale in addition to water and Coca-Cola products. All condiments will be in preportioned packaging.

To encourage social distancing, all concession stands in the stadium will be operational, but only 50 percent of registers will be open, and each will be fitted with a Plexiglass screen. Staff shall wear a mask or other facial covering at all times, and high customer contact areas will be cleaned every two hours.

Hand sanitizer will be available for guests and employees.

Cashless transactions will be available and encouraged, but not required.

Floor markings will allow spectators to form a socially-distanced queue for concession stands.


Cooling Fans

As a best safety practice, cooling fans will be unavailable this season.


Water Monsters

As a best safety practice, water monsters will be unavailable this season, however, water will be available for purchase at a reasonable price at concessions stands. Fans will also be able to carry in a sealed bottle of water that fits within the clear bag.


Premium Areas

Premium area ticketholders, including Champions Club, Terrace Club, Ivory Club, North Zone, South Zone and Field Suites, will receive their wristbands at the ground level after having their ticket scanned, and sanitizer will be available for all patrons at that same location.

Buffet service in premium areas will be shifted to served stations. Club menus will feature a scaled down number of offerings in order to present items in accordance with Health Department directives. Souvenir cups will not be used in any of the above listed premium areas.



Restroom facilities will be regularly cleaned and disinfected with electrostatic sprayers prior to each game. During the game, restroom attendants will also regularly clean and disinfect flush valves and sink handles. In addition, urinals and stalls will be taped off to encourage social distancing.


Stadium Club, Scholarship Club and A-Club Rooms

The Stadium Club, Scholarship Club and A-Club Rooms will not be available for the 2020 football season due to social distancing guidelines.



After tickets are allocated, all TIDE PRIDE members who have an account credit for prior TIDE PRIDE contributions and ticket payments will have the option to receive a full or partial refund of their remaining credit. Additionally, TIDE PRIDE members will have the option to donate all or a part of their account credit to the Crimson Core Fund.

All refunds requested will be processed within six weeks.


Crimson Core Fund

The Crimson Core Fund is a unique one-year fund set up by the Crimson Tide Foundation to focus on supporting the direct needs of student-athletes through scholarships, nutrition, academic support and strength and conditioning, among other areas.

All Crimson Core Fund donations will receive 3 priority points for every $100 donated.

To learn more about the Crimson Core Fund visit crimsontidefoundation.org/crimsoncore.


Crimson Tide Access

Fan upgrades offered in previous seasons through Crimson Tide Access will not be available for the 2020 football season.



Stadium Seatbacks

During the 2020 season, seatbacks are provided at no additional cost and already set up in your seat.


Family Restrooms

Family restrooms are reserved for the use of guests with small children and guests with disabilities. Family restrooms include: power outlets, chair, changing stations & shelving to accommodate various needs.

Lower Level (2nd Floor): Sections N-4/N-5, NN, AA, & S-8
Upper Level (8th Floor): Sections NN-5, SS-4, SS-11


Nursing Stations

Private Nursing Stations are located near the following public seating areas:

  • Lower Level (1st Floor): Inside the First Aid Room, Section N
  • Upper Level (8th Floor): Section SS-11
  • Upper Level (8th Floor): Section NN-11



Guests needing assistance to any Upper Level seating area may utilize the options below.

Public Elevators: Gate 28, Gate 41, and Gate 55

Guests with disabilities and/or mobility challenges are given priority to public elevators. Some elevators are used to move the media and working staff and will periodically be taken out of service for this purpose. To ensure the safe and efficient operation of the elevators, we ask our guests to follow the directions of the elevator operators and the elevator lobby attendants at all times.

Lower Level seating may only be accessed by internal ramps connecting the 1st and 2nd floors.


First Aid

First Aid is located at Section N in the Northwest corner of Bryant-Denny Stadium. Guests in need of first-aid assistance should immediately contact an Event Staff member or nearest stadium employee. EMTs are available on-site to respond to medical emergencies.