• Q. What are the gameday street closings this year?
    A. The same sections of University Boulevard, Bryant Drive and a few other streets in the core of campus will close on gameday like last year. Also, 7th Avenue (from Capstone Drive to Campus Drive West) and Marr€™s Spring Road close three hours prior to kick-off. Again, these two roads will be closed to enhance pedestrian safety in those areas of campus on gameday. Also, Bryant Drive (from 7th Avenue to 10th Avenue) closes three hours prior to kickoff instead of two hours prior. Click here for a complete list of street closings.
  • Q. What time do the above streets close on gameday?
    A. The streets noted in the question above are closed three hours prior to kickoff for pedestrian safety reasons. Anyone with a reserve parking pass can still enter any of the gameday closed-off streets. These streets re-open approximately one and a half hours after the end of the game. Click here for a complete list of street closings.
  • Q. What are the one-way streets on campus?
    A. The following streets become one-way streets exclusively for post-game traffic. Campus Drive East will be one-way east bound to Helen Keller Drive after the game. Campus Drive West will be one-way west bound to McCorvey Drive, and McCorvey Drive will be one-way heading north toward Hackberry Lane. Click here to go to the Maps page.
  • Q. Where do I receive traffic information on gameday?
    A. There will be a higher level of coordination between all traffic entities. Follow our Twitter and Facebook pages for up to the minute updates or tune into either the pre-game and post-game radio shows or 103.3 FM for traffic updates. 


  • Q. What areas on campus are open to the public for parking?
    A. There is a great deal of parking on the east side of campus, including the paved Soccer Lot and several grass parking lots. You can purchase your Lot B (paved parking) single game pass ahead of time for $25, or on the day of the game the price will be $30. For the grass lots, they will be sold for $20 on the day of the game, only. They are serviced by the Crimson Ride Transit System. Click here to see the parking map.
  • Q. What is the Crimson Ride Shuttle System and how does it work?
    A. The Crimson Ride Shuttle System is the University€™s on-campus transit system. Starting approximately three hours prior to kickoff, there will be 17 Crimson Ride buses that will be running gameday routes for fans. These buses will pick up at pre-determined pickup locations and will take fans to the southwest corner of the Quad. This service is free of charge to all fans on Gameday. Regular Crimson Ride weekend routes will run prior to the beginning of the Crimson Ride gameday routes.
    After the game, the Crimson Ride will pick up fans on 9th Avenue located along the west side of The Quad. Click here to view a map with the pickup and drop-off locations.
  • Q. How does the Crimson Ride Shuttle System maneuver through Gameday traffic?
    A. The Gameday Routes are designed so the buses will not compete with or go the same way as Gameday traffic. There are also special bus lanes on certain roads such as Campus Drive East and a portion of Hackberry Lane. Also, there will be law enforcement in place in congested intersections to make sure that these buses have priority while traveling their routes.
  • Q. Can I park along Campus Drive East or Campus Drive West?
    A. To accommodate the post-game one-way streets and the Crimson Ride Shuttle System, there will be no parking on Campus Drive East or Campus Drive West.
  • Q. Is there any grass parking available on campus?
    A. Relative to last year, there have been minimal changes to the available grass parking areas around campus. Due to campus building and road construction, certain grass areas around Russell Hall, Farrah Hall, Gallalee Hall, KD Park, and the Peter Bryce Campus are no longer available. Please be considerate of landscaped areas.
  • Q. Where can I now reserve an on-campus car parking spot?
    A. You can reserve an on-campus car parking spot at


The Quad

UA Student Parking

  • Q. Where should a student park if he/she has a class, lab or study need on Friday after 5:00 p.m. on home game weekends?
    A. As everyone on campus knows, home football games create a great deal of excitement, but also some parking congestion. The opening of reserved RV lots has been delayed to Friday at 6:00 p.m. to try and accommodate the majority of the faculty, staff and students. However, we know that some of you work late, study late or have late classes on Friday.
    While we do not want to inconvenience you, we do have RV fans coming in who have reserved the space, so we must try and balance student and faculty/staff parking needs with the RV parking demands. As a result, the following lots must be cleared at 5:00 p.m. on Fridays before home games:
    • Coleman Coliseum lot, southeast section
    • Lower Recreation Center lot (except the parking in the northeast corner near the pool)
    • Moody Music Lot
    • Northeast Campus Drive Lot
    If your car is left in one of these RV lots, it is subject to being towed with a tow charge of $100, and it will be relocated in that lot or other lots. If you need to leave your car on campus past 5:00 p.m. on Friday, you should park in the soccer lot. (The Soccer Lot must be cleared by 8:00 a.m. on gameday.) Other lots on campus must be cleared by 7:00 a.m. on gameday.
    Click here for the lot closure map on the Friday of Gamedays
    Click here to view the Student Parking Map
  • Q. Where can commuter students park during gameday?
    A. On the weekends, regular parking rules/permits are not in place on campus. Commuter students must park in the same areas as other visiting gameday fans. Some general parking is available as noted on the gameday Parking map on the UA Gameday site, but these on-campus parking places fill up early in the day. A couple of areas that students can park in are the Upper Rec Center Lot and the area around the Bryce Lawn Lawn Drive and Fraternity Lane.  The Upper Rec Center parking lot will close to all students 3 hrs. prior to kickoff.
    If students do not live in walking distance to the stadium, riding a transit shuttle from University Mall is often the best option.
  • Q. What if a commuter student has a class on a Saturday?
    A. Gameday officials have a list of classes that meet on Saturdays and your professor has indicated the lot where you should park. The attendant at that lot has the class list and will allow you to park there. Students who are not on a class list will not be able to park in those spaces.
  • Q. Where should residential students park on gameday weekends?
    A. Residential students should keep their cars in the lots that are designated for their residential area. Residential students who leave their parking areas on gameday should be aware if they return around game time, parking and traffic on campus will be more congested. Entry into the residential lots is by permit only and subject to space availability. Residential students will have to present their residential parking permit as credentials to enter the lot.
    Students who live in Tutwiler and the Sorority Row area must move their cars from certain lots, Colonial Dr and the West Tutwiler lot (see RV lot map) as early as 8:00 a.m. Friday through Saturday. Spaces are available in other orange residential lots to accommodate those students.  They must present their orange residential hangtag as a credential to park in the Ferguson Deck.