- On-Campus RV parking spaces are sold to TIDE PRIDE members.  To inquire about RV parking and being placed on the waitlist to purchase, call TIDE PRIDE at 205.348.2262.

- For non-TIDE PRDE members, please see the Northington Lot option or our off-campus RV parking page!

- All on-campus RV parking passes are non-transferable.

- An RV pass is required to enter all RV lots located on the University of Alabama campus. RV's are only allowed to park in designated RV lots on the University of Alabama campus.

NE Commuter RV Lot Map Lower Rec RV Lot Map



- Entry time for both on-campus RV lots is 6:00pm on Friday before a home game

- Entry time for both on-campus RV lots for Iron Bowl weekend is 6:00pm on Wednesday prior to the game

rules and regulations for UA On-Campus RV Lots


The Northington RV Lot is a public off-campus RV lot operated by the University of Alabama.  The Northington Lot is located behind University Mall on McFarland Blvd., two miles from campus.

Passes are sold as season only (no single games) for $325.  The price is prorated after each home game by $25 or $50 (price will be $300 after the first home game, etc...)

purchase your pass see the Northington Lot layout



ADDRESS (Lot Is Located Behind Old Bruno's Grocery Store)

2001 McFarland Blvd E
Tuscaloosa, AL 35404

- To access this area as you are heading west on Hwy 82 W (McFarland Blvd), turn right just before the Fire College Training Center and the old Bruno's Supermarket, directly across from Chick-fil-A.

- Entry time for Northington Lot is Thursday at 12:00pm.

- Spaces are not assigned and are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

- No hook-ups are provided, RVs must be self-contained

- Each RV is required to have an exhaust stack that extends above the RV, if you plan to use a generator. Individuals without proper stacks will be required to turn off their generator.

- Each RV is allowed ONE (1) tow vehicle per space

- Shuttle service to and from campus is provided by University Mall for $10 per person.

- Please observe the open and close times for the Northington RV lot. RVs or vehicles left after lot closing time will be towed at the owner's expense ($250-$300).


In addition to the Northington Lot, which is maintained by the University of Alabama, we have compiled a listing of other lots in the Tuscaloosa area that have RV parking available for fans.  

view several off campus RV lots




- A ticket is required for ALL ages to enter Bryant-Denny Stadium



- Pets are allowed on campus during gamedays. We ask that you be respectful and keep all pets on a leash and clean up after them


ATM (In Stadium)

- Regions Bank ATMs are located in the following areas: 

  • Behind Section NN-7 (North Upper End Zone)
  • Gate 15 (Lower Level, West Side of Bryant-Denny Stadium)
  • Gate 38 (Lower Level, East Side of Bryant-Denny Stadium)



- Banners and flags on poles are not permitted in Bryant-Denny Stadium



- Blankets are permitted within Bryant Denny Stadium but must be in a clear bag



- Binoculars are allowed in Bryant-Denny Stadium, but their cases will not be allowed

- Refer to our Clear Bag Policy for a list of all prohibited items


Bicycle Parking

- Bicycles MUST be parked and secured to a UA bicycle rack.  Bicycles found parked and secured to structures such as, but not limited to, trees, fences, columns & bollards will be impounded by UAPD. If your bicycle has been impounded, please contact UAPD at 205.348.5454


Bus / Commercial Parking

- Parking for commercial buses is located at the lot besides Rhoads Stadium (UA Softball Field). It is conveniently located right off of McFarland Boulevard and close to the intersection of Campus Drive East and Peter Bryce Blvd. Parking is available at no charge on a first-come, first-served basis. Any commercial vehicle larger than a 15-passenger van would apply. Please note that 15-passenger vans are considered cars for parking purposes

CLICK HERE for a map of the commercial bus parking lot



- Cameras with telephoto lenses under 6 inches long are allowed in the stadium for gamedays

- Refer to our Clear Bag Policy for a list of all prohibited items

- Selfie sticks are prohibited inside Bryant Denny Stadium


Clear Bag Policy

- In the interest of public safety and to significantly expedite entry into Bryant-Denny Stadium, The University of Alabama is implementing a clear bag policy that will limit the size and types of bags that may be brought in by fans


Contact Us

- Have questions? Contact us!

  • Gameday Message Center: 205-262-2811
  • UA Gameday Contact Form: CLICK HERE
  • Facebook Messaging: CLICK HERE  


Day of Game Parking

- Day of game parking at the following lots will be available on a first-come, first served basis for $30/vehicle

  • Grass Soccer Lot
  • Bryce Grass Parking Lot
  • Stallings Drive Lots
  • Lot B (Paved University medical Center Lot)
  • Lot 4 (Campus Dr. Parking Deck) - *People with Disabilities Only

 - CLICK HERE to view a day of game parking map



- For information regarding directions in and out of Tuscaloosa on Gameday visit our Website or follow us on Twitter @uagameday for traffic updates

- Visit for live traffic and know before you go!


Disability Accessible Parking

- Disability Lot 4 is located on the corner of Hackberry Lane and Campus Dr. East. CLICK HERE to purchase your disability parking pass

- Free Pre-Game ADA Accessible Shuttle Transportation:

  • To The Quad – 7 a.m. on Gameday
  • To Bryant-Denny Stadium (West side near gate 13) – 3 hours prior to kickoff

- Free Post-Game ADA Accessible Shuttle Transportation:

  • Pick-up is located on the West side of the stadium near gate 13
  • Shuttles run continuously to Lot 4 throughout the game and conclude 1.5 hours post-game


Disability Ticket Exchange

- To exchange standard seating for ADA accessible seating, please visit the UA Ticket Office at Coleman Coliseum. (Open M-F 9 a.m. - 5 p.m)

- For day-of-game exchanges, please visit the Northwest Will Call located near Gate 3 or the East Will Call located near Gate 32. Both will call locations open four (4) hours prior to kickoff

- Please note that campus roadblocks are established 3 hours prior to kickoff. Vehicle access to the stadium after this point will be denied without proper credentials


Disability Shuttles (In Stadium)

- Golf cart disability shuttles operate on the East stadium spirals, Gate 29 and 46 ONLY



- Drones are not permitted on UA campus including gamedays. Fans caught operating drones are subjuct to penalty



- Public stadium elevators are located at Gate 6 and Gate 43

- If you have exchanged your general tickets for ADA accessible tickets, access to an elevator will be available at the gate specified on your ticket

- Disability shuttle service is available on the east side stadium spirals only, gates 29 & 46



CLICK HERE for information regarding Bryant-Denny stadium Safety Information


Faculty/Staff Gameday Parking

- Faculty/Staff will be permitted to park in the Ferguson Parking Deck or in front of Old Bryce Hospital on gamedays.  Access will be granted with a valid UA Faculty/Staff parking permit

 CLICK HERE to view the Faculty/Staff parking map


Family Friendly Tailgate

- The Family Friendly Tailgate will be open each gameday from 10AM until Kickoff and will be located approximately two blocks north of the Quad, on Peter Bryce Campus

- The area will be ALCOHOL-FREE and strictly enforced. There will be food vendors, face painting, free inflatables and other activities for children

- Shuttle service will be provided to and from the Quad and Bryant Denny Stadium from the Campus Drive Deck

- The location will be first-come, first-served and free of charge. Tailgaters will need to bring and set up their own 10’x10’ tent

CLICK HERE to view a map of the Family Friendly Tailgate

CLICK HERE to view the Crimson Ride routes and shuttle stops map


First Aid / Medical

- For immediate medical assistance call UAPD at 205.348.5454


Gate Locations and Times

- Bryant-Denny Stadium gates will open 2.5 hours prior to kickoff

- CLICK HERE to view a map of Bryant-Denny Stadium


Lost & Found

- For lost tailgating items please contact UA Logistics at 205.348.8798

- For items lost inside Bryant Denny Stadium please visit stadium Gate 19 or contact UA Athletics at 205.348.3600


Medical Bags

- For those with a documented need, checked medical bags are permitted through any entrance where security personnel will evaluate bag contents. 



CLICK HERE for Bama Merchandise


Metal Detectors

- In the interest of continued safety for fans, student-athletes, coaches and Gameday personnel, the University of Alabama will implement walk-through metal detectors at all gates of Bryant-Denny Stadium on game days beginning in September.

CLICK HERE for more information.




- Artificial noisemakers (bells, horns, whistles, cow bells, etc.) are not permitted in Bryant-Denny Stadium

- Refer to our Clear Bag Policy for a list of all prohibited items


Nursing Mothers Locations

- Campus Nursing Locations:

  • Nursing Mothers Tent - Located at the Family Friendly Tailgate
    • CLICK HERE to view a map of the Family Friendly Tailgate location

- Bryant Denny Stadium Nursing Locations: 

  • Lower Level, Ground Floor: TIDE EMS First Aid Room (Behind Section K)
  • Upper Level: Concourse behind sections NN-11, SS-11
  • Lower Level, Ground Floor: Inside Gate 9 (Family Restroom)
  • Lower Level, Mezzanine: Concourse behind sections N-4, NN, AA, S-8 (Family Restroom)
  • Upper Level: Concourse behind sections SS-4 (Family Restroom)



- Reserved public parking is available for purchase online as a season pass or as a single game pass for $25/game. CLICK HERE to purchase your reserved parking pass. (Lots open at 7AM on Gameday)

- Public parking is located on the East side of campus and will have access to FREE shuttle service to and from the Quad.

- Non-reserved day of game parking is available for $30 to be paid at the entrance to the parking lot.

CLICK HERE for more parking information


Prohibited Items

- Bryant-Denny Stadium and all other Alabama Athletics Facilities prohibit the following items:

  • Chair backs larger than a single seat (16 inches wide) or with zippers, pockets or compartments
  • Coolers
  • Weapons and firearms
  • Artificial noisemakers (bells, horns, whistles, cow bells, etc.)
  • Outside food and/or drink
  • Strollers
  • Umbrellas
  • Video recorders or camcorders
  • Computers
  • Cameras with telephoto lenses over 6 inches long
  • Flags/Banners on poles
  • Refer to our clear bag policy for a list of all prohibited and approved bags.



CLICK HERE for Quad and Tailgating information for the 2018 football season



- No Re-Entry is allowed inside Bryant-Denny Stadium



- Public use restroom trailers specifically intended for Gameday fans will be available on the northeast corner of the Quad, the northwest corner of the Quad, on the west and east sides of the Quad and near Foster Auditorium

- Additional port-a-let restrooms and restroom trailers will be located around the Quad as well as the rest of campus. CLICK HERE for a map of restroom locations


Rideshare Locations

- Fans are welcome to use ride-sharing services to be dropped off on campus for football games. The designated ride-sharing pick-up and drop-off area is West 4th Street at Presidential Park

CLICK HERE to view a map of the rideshare pick up and drop off location

- NO vehicles - including Uber, JoyRide, taxi cabs or golf carts - will be allowed to access the core campus near Bryant-Denny Stadium beginning 3 hours prior to kickoff



- Starting three hours prior to the scheduled kickoff time, or earlier if deemed necessary by law enforcement, the entire core campus area will be closed to thru traffic.  A proper Gameday permit is required to enter this restricted area

- Please take note of the following street closings, and make your driving and parking plans accordingly.  Unless noted, these streets will remain closed until after the post-game pedestrian and vehicular traffic clears

- To accommodate the Crimson Ride Transit System post-game, there will be bus lanes on East Campus Drive.  After the game, Campus Drive East between Hackberry Lane and 5th Avenue East will be one-way traveling east away from campus

- The following roads will be closed at 5:00 p.m. on the Fridays before games:

  • 6th Avenue (from University Boulevard to Capstone Drive)
  • 7th Avenue (from Ferguson Center to Capstone Drive)
  • Capstone Drive
  • Margaret Drive

- The following roads will be closed at 7:00 a.m. on Gameday:

  • West Fourth Street
  • Shelby Lane

- The following roads will be closed at 8:00 a.m. on Gameday:

  • 6th Avenue (from Bryant Drive to University Boulevard)
  • Wallace Wade Avenue
  • Colonial Drive
  • Bryant Drive (from 12th Avenue to 10th Avenue)

- The following roads will be restricted to permit holders only starting three (3) hours prior to kickoff on Gameday and will remain closed after the game until such time to be determined by law enforcement:

  • University Boulevard from 2nd Avenue to Campus Drive West
  • University Boulevard at Hackberry Lane (Only allows proper credentials through the core of campus for fan safety around The Quad)
  • Bryant Drive from 12th Avenue to Hackberry Lane
  • 10th Avenue from 12th Street to Bryant Drive
  • 7th Avenue from Capstone Drive to Campus Drive West
  • Marr's Spring Road from Campus Drive West to Stadium Drive
  • Margaret Drive from Capstone Drive to Hackberry Lane
  • Hackberry Lane and Campus Drive East
  • Jefferson Avenue & Campus Drive East
  • Fraternity Lane & Campus Drive East
  • Bryce Lawn Drive & Campus Drive East
  • 4th Street East & 2nd Avenue

- Only emergency vehicles and those with the proper Gameday permit from the University will be permitted along these roads. These roads will be re-opened at a time after the game as determined by local law enforcement. Thanks for your cooperation!


RV Parking

CLICK HERE for information regarding on and off campus RV parking


Seatbacks/Stadium Cushions

  •                Chair backs larger than a single seat (16 inches wide) or with zippers, pockets or compartments are not permitted in Bryant-Denny Stadium
  •                Seat Back rentals are offered in Bryant-Denny Stadium and can be rented at 877-421-0347 or a one of our Customer Service locations throughout the stadium
  •                Price is $10/game or $65/season
  • Gate 11 (West Entrance of Bryant-Denny Stadium)
  • Gate 16 (West Entrance of Bryant-Denny Stadium)
  • Gate 36 (East Entrance of Bryant-Denny Stadium)
  • Between Sections U4-HH and U4-JJ (Upper Level, East Concourse)
  • Between Sections U4-CC and U4-DD (Upper Level, East Concourse)



- On campus shuttle service to and from the Quad is provided free of charge from areas throughout the East side of campus. Crimson Ride shuttle service will begin at 7am on gamedays

CLICK HERE for a map of Crimson Ride shuttle stops on gameday

CLICK HERE for more information regarding gameday shuttles (including downtown shuttles, University Mall shuttles and commercial bus parking)



- The University of Alabama is a Smoke Free Campus.  All forms of smoking are prohibited on campus, including electronic cigarettes


Stadium Map

CLICK HERE to view a seating chart of Bryant-Denny Stadium


Student Gameday Parking

- Students with valid UA parking permits may park in certain designated on-campus areas on gamedays.  The map below will show student parking areas on gameday by permit color

CLICK HERE to view the student gameday parking map



CLICK HERE for information regarding campus tailgating



- To contact the ticket office call 205-348-BAMA (2262) or email at

- Box office hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm and is located in the Coleman Coliseum lobby



CLICK HERE for information regarding traffic on gamedays including: pre-game traffic, post-game traffic and on-campus road closures

CLICK HERE for live traffic conditions


Water Stations

- Nine watering stations have been added at Bryant-Denny Stadium; five on the mezzanine level (Sections D, K, AA, FF, NN) and four in the upper deck (NE Ramp, NW Ramp, SW Ramp, SE Ramp). These watering stations are 150-gallon tanks of cold filtered water that fans can use if needed

- Ticketholders are welcome to bring in clear, empty water bottles to fill up at the various water stations, and small cups will be provided next to the canister



CLICK HERE for information regarding our severe weather procedures