RESERVED FULL SEASON PARKING PASS (Lots open at 7am on Gameday)

Season Lot A - available NOW!

Season Lot B - available NOW!

Season Lot 4 (Parking for People with Disabilities only) - available NOW!

Season pass total is decreased after every home game by $25. Therefore, after the first home game the remaining season pass can be purchased for $150, etc..




Single game reserved parking passes are available NOW for $25!




Single game reserved Lot 4 parking passes are available NOW for $25!



DAY OF GAME PARKING - PAY AT LOT (Lots open at 7am on Gameday)

Grass Soccer Lot - $30/game

Bryce Grass Parking Lot - $30/game

Stallings Drive Lots - $30/game

Lot B (Paved University Medical Center Lot) - $30/game

Lot 4 - Campus Dr Parking Deck - $30/game (People with Disabilities Only)



CLICK HERE to view the Gameday Parking Map

CLICK HERE to view the Lot A (formerly the Soccer Lot) Parking Map

CLICK HERE to view the Lot B (formerly the Student Health Center) Parking Map

CLICK HERE to view the Lot C - Child Development Center Parking Map

CLICK HERE to view the Lot D - Softball Field Parking Map

CLICK HERE to view the Handicap Lot 1 (formerly the Wallace Wade Lot) Parking Map

CLICK HERE to view the Handicap Lot 2 (formerly the Communications Card Lot) Parking Map

CLICK HERE to view the Handicap Lot 3 (formerly the Calvary Baptist Lot) Parking Map

CLICK HERE to view the Handicap Lot 4 (formerly the Campus Drive Deck) Parking Map



Bicycles MUST be parked and secured to a UA bicycle rack.  Bicycles found parked and secured to structures such as, but not limited to, trees, fences, columns, & bollards will be impounded by UAPD. If your Bicycle has been impounded, please contact UAPD at 205.348.5454.


Parking for people with disabilities is located at Lot 4 (Campus Drive Deck). We are pleased to offer additional parking spaces and a free shuttle service to and from Bryant-Denny Stadium.

Season Lot 4 reserved parking passes available NOW!

Single game Lot 4 reserved parking passes available NOW for $25/game!

purchase your Lot 4 Parking Pass


Free Pre-Game ADA Shuttle Transportation:

  • To The Quad - 7 a.m. on Gameday
  • To Bryant-Denny Stadium (West side near gate 13) - 3 hours prior to kickoff

Free Post-Game ADA Shuttle Transportation:

  • Pick-up is located on the West side of the stadium near gate 13
  • Shuttles run continuously to Lot 4 throughout the game and conclude 1.5 hours post-game

CLICK HERE to view a Lot 4 Parking Map

*Please note that it is a Class B misdemeanor to use a disability parking permit unless the person to whom the permit is issued is in the vehicle. State laws will be enforced. Class B misdemeanors are punishable by a fine of $50-$200 and up to 40 hours of community service.

Other Parking Info

  • For safety reasons, once all parking spaces are taken within an area on campus, UA Parking Services may elect to close the area. If sufficient parking spaces re-open, UA Parking Services may re-open the area for additional parking.
  • No parking will be allowed on the grass around the Aquatics Center.
  • In order to give all fans the same opportunity to park on or around campus, please do not use chairs or other tailgating items to reserve parking spaces. Any unattended items will be considered abandoned and may be removed.
  • When core campus closes 3 hours prior to the game, only vehicles with permits for the following parking areas will be allowed access onto the closed portion of University Boulevard - Elm Street, Rose Administration, 6th Avenue (east of the Quad), Capstone Drive, 8th Street, Stadium Handicap and the President's Mansion. For example, if you have a parking pass in the ten Hoor area, please use Campus Drive or Marr's Spring Road to access these lots.
  • Please observe all posted parking regulations. Automobiles are allowed to park in any non-reserved and legal parking space on campus. Emergency vehicles are allowed through the closed-off streets in addition to those who have permits for parking areas located within the closed-off streets.


    ADA LOTS 1, 2, & 3 (SOLD OUT FOR 2018)

    The University of Alabama provides a limited number of parking spaces for people with disabilities. We offer three lots for parking with people with disabilities around the stadium. The accessible parking is located at Lot 1 (Wallace Wade Lot), Lot 2 (Communications Card Lot), and Lot 3 (Calvary Baptist Lot). These lots are SOLD OUT for the 2018 season.

    CLICK HERE to view the ADA Parking Map


Downtown Tuscaloosa has an area of public parking for gameday and it is FREE OF CHARGE. The main area is located in and around the Downtown Intermodal Facility parking deck, it is actually a shorter distance to the stadium than the Soccer Lot on campus. This parking deck has over 400 spaces and is located on 7th St. between 23rd and 21st Avenue, just behind City Hall, between University Blvd and Bryant Dr. There are many restaurant and shopping options in the areas surrounding the parking deck. Tuscaloosa Transit will be running 16 buses from this location, starting 3 hours prior to game time. The cost to ride the bus (per trip):

  • Adults: $1
  • Children 3 and under: Free
  • Age 60 or over and people with disabilities: 50 cents

More Information from Tuscaloosa Transit

The buses will remain running until 1 hour after the game.

Or take the STADIUM STROLL (less than a 1 mile walk from the parking facility to Bryant Denny Stadium). Marked pedestrian paths will lead you from the parking facility to the stadium.

In addition, there are many other parking lots and side-street parking spaces that are free of charge near the Intermodal Facility. You may park there and walk to the bus pick-up or take the Stadium Stroll to Bryant Denny Stadium.

Message from the city of Tuscaloosa and the Tuscaloosa Police Dept in regard to parking on Gameday


There are several convenient locations where you can park off site and shuttle to the stadium.

  • University Mall located on McFarland Blvd and 15th Street will be available for free car parking, and a shuttle will be available to the stadium for $10 roundtrip per person.
  • DCH Hospital Employee Parking Lot, located at the corner of Bryant Dr. and Dr. Edward Hillard Dr.
  • Tuscaloosa Magnet School located off McFarland Blvd. and Campus Drive East. Cost is $20. It is 3/4mile walking distance to Peter Bryce Blvd. to the Crimson Ride stop. The Crimson Ride is free.
  • Central High School, located off of 15th Street and 10th Avenue. Cost is $20
  • Parkview Center, located at 15th Street and Hackberry Lane. Cost is $20
  • The Arc of Tuscaloosa: 1330 University Boulevard $10; All proceeds go directly to benefit The Arc of Tuscaloosa.

Parking for commercial buses is located at the lot beside Rhoads Stadium (UA Softball Field).  It is conveniently located right off of McFarland Boulevard and close to the intersection of Campus Drive East and Peter Bryce Blvd.  Parking is available at no charge on a first-come, first-served basis. Any commercial vehicle larger than a 15-passenger van would apply. Please note that 15-passenger vans are considered cars for parking purposes. 

map of the new Commercial Bus Parking Lot